Austin City Taco | Tacos Battles: Fish n Chips Taco versus Grilled Fish Taco

Tacos Battles: Fish n Chips Taco versus Grilled Fish Taco

Fish n' chips

Ingredients: curry mayo, malted french fries, house shred, beer battered atlantic cod, micro greens, flour tortilla
Restaurant: Velvet Taco

Grilled Fish Taco

Ingredients: grilled tilapia, cabbage, mango pico, Monterey Jack cheese, avocado, side of chipotle mayo salsa

How the Tacos Compare

We first tried the "Fish n' chips" taco with the expectation of some flavors being more understated than the others, but this was not the case. The cod was a perfect match for the curry mayo, instead of either competiting against each other. The texture of the cod was also a perfect accent with the micro greens, honestly a home run.

Later that night, we tried first tried the "Grilled Fish Taco" with the previous bar being set high. We were delighted with our choice, and especially how these flavors contrast. I had never tried this combination of tilapia and mango pico, omg. The avocado was a nice accent, but was not the main star of the flavor show.

The Winner is the Grilled Fish Taco from Veracruz All Natural

Getting the perfect fish taco is not an easy task. Many times it feels like the taco is just intended for a strong fish taste, with the other incrediants just there for display only. This wasn't the case with either of these. Both tacos combined incrediants to pushed the flavors to the next level. We gave only a slight edge to the grilled fish taco, because the flavors were just so oustanding, especially in how they introduced flavors that were were not expecting. A fish taco with cod is great, but tilapia seemed a better choice for how the blend worked together.

Judge for yourself and let us know!

Velvet Taco
522 Congress Avenue, Suite #100 Austin, Texas 78701
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Veracruz All Natural
2505 Webberville Rd Austin, TX 78702
(512) 981-1760