Austin City Taco | Austin City Tacos Recommends: Granny's Tacos

Austin City Tacos Recommends: Granny's Tacos

Granny's Tacos

Granny's Tacos Highlights

  • Authentic & No Frills
  • Voted Best Breakfast Taco
  • Best of ATX 2020
Granny's Tacos
1401 E 7th St, Austin, TX 78702
(512) 701-4000

If you love a geniune, no fluff, really authentic experience... then Granny's Tacos is your destination. They have two locations at Cesar Chavez and the on other right down the road on 7th. Instead of all the bells and whistles, Granny's has devoted their efforts into making top-level tacos. They have delicious options for both veggie and breakfast tacos, and everything in between.

For our top picks, it's a tough choice. They have a machaca taco with steak, eggs, and avocado that will have you speaking in tongues. Then there's the chilaquil taco with we ordered with mole sauce, so picking a clear-cut favorite is fruitless endevour. It really is impossible to pick a bad choice at Granny's, we dare you to try.