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Our Taco Battles

Welcome to Taco Battles! This is a fun light-hearted review where we match up two tacos in the spirit of competition for the "best of" categories. It probably goes without saying, but there are no losers in this category... only our personal choices. We would love to hear from you on how these rank up for you.
The "Fish n' Chips" taco from Velvet Taco battles for fish taco supremacy against "Grilled Fish" taco from Veracruz All Natural
Fish n' chips
Grilled Fish Taco
The Suadero Taco from Suerte challenges the Valentina's Tex Mex BBQ Smoked Brisket
Suadero Taco
Smoked Brisket Taco
Granny's Veggie Taco battles for veggie taco supremacy with the Grilled Avocado Reale taco from Vegan Nom
Veggie Taco
Grilled Avocado Reale