Austin City Taco | Austin City Tacos Recommends: Las Trancas

Austin City Tacos Recommends: Las Trancas


Las Trancas Highlights

  • Authentic Flavors
  • Crispy Tripas
  • Wide range of choices
Las Trancas
1210 Cesar Chavez St E Austin, TX 78702
(512) 701-8287

Las Trancas is one of the highlights on Cesar Chavez, including air-conditioning and lively atmosphere. They serve street tacos so the sizes are appropriately small and amazing. Our top choices are the carne asada and pastor, with many close behind.

We typically visit since it is so close to downtown on Cesar Chavez, so after hitting up the bars it's the perfect combo. One of Las Trancas' strong draws is the broad menu that covers most of the popular options with tacos and quesadillas. If you love crispy tripas, then we have great news for you. There was an ominous rumour going around that Paul Qui (from Top Chef) is a frenquent visitor, but no sightings so far.