Austin City Taco | Austin City Tacos Recommends: Nixta Taqueria

Austin City Tacos Recommends: Nixta Taqueria

Nixta Taqueria

Nixta Taqueria Highlights

  • 2022 Emerging Chef winner
  • Free Community Fridge
  • Pets Welcomed
Nixta Taqueria
2512 e 12th street Austin, Texas 78702
(479) 422-5855

We were impressed by Nixta Taqueria in so many ways that extend past their amazing food. The offer a "Free Community Fridge", where people can drop off fresh food, dry goods, and essentially for the community. The staff is also heavily involved with other aspects of social work. The restaurant also makes themselves available to attend cultural events, classes, and workshops. Head chef Edgar Rico has received several awards and been featured in several books and publications.

Nixta Taqueria offers some rare combinations that we loved. We first tried the cauliflower taco that combines remesco, pine nutz, queso freso, and cilantro. In our humble opinion, the duck carnitas taco was the best we have found. It comes with duck confit, salsa cruda, radish, and white onion. Simply perfect. Coming in a close second, was the enchilada potosina taco, which is potato and chorizo puree, duck fat refried beans, queso enchilado, and tomato salsa.