Austin City Taco | Austin City Tacos Recommends: Thai Fresh

Austin City Tacos Recommends: Thai Fresh

Thai Fresh

Thai Fresh Highlights

  • Thai Tacos
  • Antibiotics & Hormones Free
  • Dining & Patio Options
Thai Fresh
909 West Mary St. Austin, Texas 78704
(512) 494-6436

When we first heard about this unique flavor of Thai tacos, admittedly we were skeptical, but after one visit we were sold. Thai Fresh blends the perfect amount of flavors, and we plan to try every taco on the menu. We first tried the spicy shrimp omelet taco, which is a jaw-dropping combination of thai chilies, mushroom, basil, and soy sauce. After that we took a deep breathe and moved to the pork belly and eggs tacos, which is crispy pork belly, bell peppers, garlic, and pickled shallots.

Thai Fresh has some very unique offerings as well. They offer private cooking classes in home for authentic Thai meals, which also is offered as a cooking party package. These same classes are also offered virtually, depending on availability. They also offer a cookbook, that contains many recipes from the owner's family combination.