Austin City Taco | Tacos Battles: Suadero Taco versus Smoked Brisket Taco

Tacos Battles: Suadero Taco versus Smoked Brisket Taco

Suadero Taco

Ingredients: confit brisket, black magic oil, avocado crudo
Restaurant: Suerte

Smoked Brisket Taco

Ingredients: smoked brisket, sea salt lime guacomole, and tomato serrano salsa

How the Tacos Compare

We first tried the "Suadero" taco, not knowing what to expect. As soon as you take a bit, the flavor hits you (in the best way). We don't know what is in their "black magic" oil, but get ready. The avacoda was a nice accent but definately not the main focus.

The next day for lunch we went to Valentina's for the smoked brisket taco. We have had sea salt guacomole before, but not like this. The richness of the brisket is really what blew us away, while being accented by the serrano salsa. The serrano salsa was not much, but the right tempature to go with the other elements.

The Winner is... Suadero Taco

Brisket is taken seriously in Austin, as well as tacos... so this was no small task. Both these tacos had insanely rich flavor and honestly were darn near perfect, but interestingly in their own way. The confit brisket was so juicy, especially with the magic oil. The smoked brisket was amazing too, just a bit more tart, so it's more a matter of preference.

Judge for yourself and let us know!

1800 East 6th Street, Austin, Texas 78702
(512) 953-0092
Valentina's Tex Mex BBQ
11500 Menchaca Road Austin, TX 78748
(512) 221-4248